Top 15 Best Blender Smoothie Recipes Healthy-Blenders for Healthy Smoothies

Top 15 Best Blender Smoothie Recipes Healthy-Blenders for Healthy Smoothies

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Best blenders Healthy smoothie recipes –Hamilton Beach Personal Smoothie Blender with 14 oz Travel Cup and Lid, White 51102



Best blenders for weight loss smoothie recipes – Ninja Personal Blender for Shakes, Smoothies, Food Prep, and Frozen Blending


Best blenders for fruit smoothie recipes –
Vitamix Standard Programs Blender, Professional-Grade, 64oz. Container, Platinum(Renewed)

Best blenders for green smoothie recipes – Ninja BL480D Nutri Ninja with 1000 Watt Auto-IQ Base for Juices,  


Best blenders for spinach smoothie recipes –
COSORI Blender for Shakes and Smoothies, 10-Piece 800W Auto-Blend High Speed Smoothie Blender


Best blenders for Orange smoothie recipes  –
Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender – WildSide+ Jar (90 oz) – Professional-Grade Power  

Best blenders for protien shake recipes  – Portable Blender, LOZAYI Small Personal Blender Travel USB Rechargeable Juicer  

Best blenders for Green smoothiesBlenderBottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle 3-Pack, 28 ounce, Colors May Vary



1, Vortex Mixer Mini Blender 450mls 15 oz


 Best Blender Smoothie Recipes Healthy




? WHAT YOU NEED – Whether you are a veteran of an active lifestyle or have recently decided to benefit from a healthy diet and a healthy exercise program, you need this unique and practical blender to make electric pure! No more desire to lose food or trash? BUY our electric mixer bottles to prepare protein shakes, cocktails, substitutes for healthy and nutritious foods, as well as nutritional supplements for everyday use! ADD NOW FOR SMOKING PORTABLE ON CARDS!

? PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS – Our USB Brio Mixer is durable, airtight, and made for everyday use! This personalized pure glass blender consists of high quality stainless steel case and 6 razor-sharp blades that are FDA-approved and BPA free! It has a 2 x 2550 mAh lithium-ion battery that can be recharged, durable, up to 20 jars of juice with one charge!

? COMPACT AND ELEGANT – With a weight of 750 grams and the right size for your bag and most of your cars, our one-piece blender is perfect for those of you who are on the go! It has a capacity of 450 ml, which can provide up to 2 drinks when used, and is great for serving controls. Travel with your relaxed mixer before and after training while traveling, camping, in the car, office, park, or at your school to the fitness center! Buy a portable bottle mixer for you and your family / friends!

? SECURITY IN THE FIRST PLACE – Our ester mixer bottles are designed for your safety. It has unique security features, including the KEY KEY (at the bottom of the vortex mixer), which acts as a SAFE CHILD LOCK to ensure safe use and cleaning! This safety feature also ensures your shaker bottle is protected from overheating!

This multifunctional glass blender is ideal for making protein shakes, food supplements before and after exercise, food substitutes and smoothies. Use this mini mixer as a mixer for baby food, small juicers and milkshakes. You have endless choices for healthy snacks anywhere, anytime! It’s very comfortable and easy to use, and gives great results every time you use it. The powerful motor and 6 sharp blades make this wireless faucet your favorite accessory for a healthy lifestyle, combined with a 450 ml container that can hold up to 16 to 20 glasses with one charge.


Turn on the main power by pressing the button on the bottom of the mixer. (NOTE)
Add water, milk or juice first, then add powder, fruit, vegetables or ice cream. Cutting it or cutting it into small pieces will help, but it is not always necessary if the fruit or vegetables are not too big.
Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds until it lights up. To maximize the strength of your blade, start Brio Blender with your head facing down or at a 45 degree angle to allow the blades to reach maximum speed and strength.

Drink directly from a Brio refillable USB mixer or pour it into a glass and drink !!
HOW TO TURN ON, turn on the main switch, connect the charger to the mixer USB port and whiten for 3-5 hours or until the lights turn white.

WHEN CLEANING, you should turn off the main safety switch.



3. Sboly Personal Blender, Single Serve Blender for Smoothies and Shakes



 Best Blender Smoothie Recipes Healthy



This compact and personal mixer with a bottle of borosilicate glass and an elegant purple appearance makes your heart beat faster at first sight. In addition, there are 304 stainless steel blades and covers and ABS bases that are 100% non-toxic, not BPA, and FDA-approved. If you are bored with plastic faucets, this might be the best choice for you!

DEVELOPED FOR EXTRAORDINARY TIME: Built-in travel battery in a 5200 mAh mixer, which can be easily charged via USB, power bank, laptop, computer or car. A single charge can be used 20 to 30 times. Small and light enough to fit into your pocket and most car operators. Perfect for home, school, office, park, gym, camping and traveling wherever you go.

STRONG USB RECOVERY MIXER: By upgrading version 7.4V Dual Power with 4 blades of stainless steel 304, a 15 ounce mixer can turn all nutrients into richer purees. Combine crushed fruits, vegetables and ice to make natural juices, milkshakes, smoothies, protein shakes, jams, rice paste, and baby food. What’s interesting is that you can also make DIY face masks for your beauty

SUPER MUTE AND EASY TO CLEAN: The noise level is below 32 dB (A), which is between normal breathing sound and a person’s normal speech. You don’t need to worry about it, it will cause confusion or hurt others if you use it in public. The housing and the bottom of the juicer can be separated, you can easily clean it. You can also fill water and press the start button to clean. Dishwasher. Unique design with double rubber ring does not cause leakage.

4. Aeitto Single Serve Mini mixer Frozen Blending Maker



 Best Blender Smoothie Recipes Healthy



? BEAUTIFUL PERSONAL BLENDER – Are you always looking for a quick and easy way to prepare smoothies, shakes and juices on the go? Sboly’s Personal Blender is the answer! With a simple one-touch operation, you can now easily make your favorite drink in just 10 seconds. After your drink is ready, take off your portable glass and enjoy it everywhere!

? STRONG AND COMPACT – This one-of-a-kind mixer has a 300W motor that is solid but uniquely compressed and engineered. Watch how your content is cut straight into small pieces with 4 ultra-sharp stainless steel blades. Unlike other mixers that are large, thick and difficult to store, this product allows easy storage.

? SAFE AND SECURE – All parts are not BPA and FDA certified to ensure healthy and safe drinking with ETL certification. This mixer only works if the bottle is installed correctly in the LOCK position. It is equipped with overheating protection and automatic recovery function. Make sure you and your family are safe with this product in your home.

? SAFE SECURITY TO CLEAN IT EASY – Portable 20 ounce Tritan shaker is very easy to clean! We even include an extra bottle brush to make it easy to wash your portable mixer. All parts except the bottom of the machine are safe for the dishwasher!

? DUTIES OR MONEY BACK – All quality problems are immediately resolved by our customer service team to ensure you are fully satisfied with your purchase! In addition, we are happy to give you a bottle cleaning brush!

Powerful multifunctional mini-mixer? – With a powerful 350 W motor, this compact mixer is ideal for fruit and vegetable juices, mashed potatoes, protein and milk shakes, frozen fruit when traveling, fitness, outdoor camping. It is not recommended to cut large ice cubes without liquid.

??? FDA and ETL Certified: Safe and easy to clean? – All components are easy to clean with running water, durable bottles and safe titanium lids in the dishwasher, ideal for morning use. All parts are BPA free, suitable for baby food and provide healthy food safety.

??? 3 modes and 2 speeds? – 3 available modes and 2 adjustable speeds allow mixing of fruits with different hardness to satisfy different tastes. They are very good for extracting nutrients and vitamins. The pulse function is actually a practical feature that allows you to clean or cut the material into small pieces before mixing and dissolving it in a bottle.

??? Safe & hands free design? – Swivel switch and anti-skid construction allow hands-free operation. With a safety lock and overheating protection, the mini-mixer only works when the bottle is properly inserted, and is automatically closed when working for too long.


5. JHome Personal Blender Smoothies Maker Vegetable Fruit Juice With 20oz Portable Sport Bottle 



 Best Blender Smoothie Recipes Healthy




  Multifunctional?: 3 sets of containers fulfill 4 functions, each of which can be used for certain purposes. So that you can fully and fully serve yourself and your family with this blender. While most private taps can only serve one person at a time. 300 W Universal Mini Mixer, suitable for small and single families: With 600 ml glass, 570 ml glass and 200 ml glass

? Stainless Steel Blades ?: 4 pieces of 2-layer SUS301 Blade can damage materials in a short time. You can easily clean it after use.

? Free Travel Cover ?: This blender is also shipped with a 20-ounce bottle of BPA-free and two BPA-free travel covers. Very nice and convenient to put back the lid and bring drinks to the office, gym, class or other places.
? Key function ?: Sprint 1, Sprint 2 and Stop 0. If you want to mix vegetables, fruits, soy milk, or hard fruit juice, select item “2”. After use, you can apply water and turn on the “P” gear to automatically clean it. 



6. Personal Blender for Smoothies Shakes, Powerful 300W(24,000RMP) 4 Sharp Blades, 


 Best Blender Smoothie Recipes Healthy



? EASY TO OPERATE: For the security lock version, you must press and turn until you feel you are locked. Work time for hand blender should not be more than 2 minutes. NOTE: We recommend that you do not lubricate the ice yourself.
? FAST MIX: Equipped with a powerful 300 W motor, 24,000 rpm speed and 4 sharp blades made of stainless steel, they provide the very fine and effective nutrients needed every day.
?? DESIGN DESIGN: With leak-proof lid, anti-ejection knife, anti-slip suction leg, heat dissipation base, overheat protection, and overload. Mix faster with fewer problems.
? HEALTHY AND PORTABLE: Tritan 570 ml sports bottles are FDA-approved and BPA-free, safe for dishwashing machines. Take it wherever you go, small portable mixers are practical and save space.
FOOD AND CONTRACTS: Quickly mix nutritious and delicious mix of fruits and vegetables, healthy protein shakes or delicious frozen drinks in minutes. CUSINAID  


7. Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies – Powerful Drink Mixer  


 Best Blender Smoothie Recipes Healthy



Includes free technical support from Amazon
? PERFORMANCE AND MULTIFUNCTION ?: Personal blender that cuts ice and vegetables in seconds with a 300 watt motor! Fill in all of your favorite foods for delicious afternoon treats, including vegetable and fruit juices, milkshakes and cocktails. There are other unexpected useful features such as baby food, DIY masks, sauces and jams!

? FAST AND EASY TO USE: Blender juice, yogurt, and protein powder at the push of a button! The disposable mixer makes food convenient! You can now easily prepare your favorite drink for lunch or after ex

ercising in 10 seconds.

? INDIVIDUAL COMPACT SIZES: Save space for your room, kitchen table, backpack or table. Buy some and store them in a convenient place, even in your car! We have thought of every detail to find the best solution for your busy life.

? EASY PORTRAIT TRAVEL ?: Small mixer in personal size has a pouring lid with a handle. Take out a portable glass with your drink and throw it on the road! Add your vitamins and minerals to a nutritious shake made from healthy ingredients that you choose.

? SAFETY AND COMMITMENT SERVICE: This small mixer only works when the bottle is seated properly. It comes with overheat protection and automatic recovery function. All parts except the bottom of the machine are safe for the dishwasher! 100% customer service if you are not satisfied, which makes your purchase safer.
Compare with similar articles


8. LATIT Portable Blender,USB Rechargeable Personal Smoothie Blender Juicer 



 Best Blender Smoothie Recipes Healthy



UNIQUE PORTABLE BLENDER: With a unique design, comfortable design, lightweight and portable, you can enjoy fresh smoothie juice for travel, fitness, office and home anytime.

PERSONAL USB RECORDER BLENDER: Travel Worldwide There are no worries about plugging problems from various countries. Built-in 4000mAh lithium battery to easily fill the mixer with a USB cable from a power bank, laptop, PC, cellphone or other USB device.

SECURE AND VERSATILE BLENDER: Use only baby food that does not contain BPA, FDA CE FCC, and RoHS, which is equipped with a smart microswitch to make your fingers safer for mixing.

MIXER GLASS GLASS HIGH QUALITY: With borosilicate glass bottles and an elegant appearance, this compact personal mixer has a beautiful feel for the lid and stainless steel base, as well as for nutritional quality. The personal mixer is ideal for shakes and cocktails, protein beaters, salad dressing, etc.

REDUCED CROSS-AND ENGINE POWERFUL: Made from 6 renewed 304 stainless steel blades and a powerful 100W motor that mixes ice, frozen fruit, vegetables and nuts in just 30 seconds.

Resistant to cold and cold – The glass body is made of pine wood and can withstand temperatures of -20 ° C to 150?
6 SS Blades – Made from SUS304 for stronger and more efficient bag corners.

Smart LED battery indicator – As a reminder of the battery capacity with LED lights.

One Button Clean – Clean the cup with a button in your 30s.
Hidden Hook – Take it wherever you like.


9. Portable Juicer Cup USB Battery Operated Blender – Six Blades in 3D, 16 oz, 


 Best Blender Smoothie Recipes Healthy




Rechargeable and durable: A battery-powered USB juicer with a 4000 mAh lithium-ion battery, which can be used anywhere in a USB port. And it can be used as a power bank for small devices like cellphones. (Juices 20 times with full charge)

Portable and Personal Size: 48 ml (16 oz.) Hand Mixer, Which is suitable for single use and can be taken anywhere, e.g. Traveling, camping, outdoor or outdoor activities.

Renewable blades and powerful motor: Portable blender with 6 stainless steel blades and a powerful drive system can handle juice, baby food and milkshakes up to extraordinary disruptions. Less noise than traditional blenders.

Food and Safety Material: This portable juicer is made of food-grade non-toxic and environmentally friendly food-grade two-layer glass without BPA

Removable and easy to clean: Smart protection device, with a magnetic sensor switch, especially one that is safe to use and clean, the house and the bottom of the juicer can be separated and easy to clean. This can also be used  



10. Nesee Personal Size Blender, Portable Single Serve USB Rechargeable Juicer  



 Best Blender Smoothie Recipes Healthy



– –

???? REMOVABLE PORTABLE MIXER This small portable mixer for easy washing of knives and mugs. 14 oz bowl with lid, a nice little blender for work, traveling and school.
???? Strong and fast mixing? This fine mixer has 6 stainless steel blades and a 180 W motor for strong and efficient mixing. A 25-second one-touch mixer that mixes very fast and smoothly and mixes your ingredients in an easy way.
???? RACHARGEABLE USB? You can charge via USB through any 5V1A USB port. The use of wireless allows external parts.
???? VERSATILE MATERIALS & SAFE MATERIALS? Hand blenders are suitable for shakes and smoothies as well as for single juices, baby food, detox juice cleansing, protein beaters and more. Made from PP & ABS formula milk, except BPA, FDA, CE and RoHS.
???? CLEAN AND GUARANTEED? Blender for one dish is removable and easy to clean. The bottle is safe to wash with a dishwasher and the floor can be wiped with a mop.


10. Fedio Personal Portable Blender licuadora portátil Food-Grade 14(oz) Silver,


 Best Blender Smoothie Recipes Healthy



Save an additional 10% when you redeem this voucher. information

?? Mini and portable size ?: Professional blender, intimate compact design, pleasant taste experience, only one glass with a small and portable Blender, without space, only 3.7 * 3.7 * 9 Wherever you can provide delicious juice . With a portable mixer you can prepare juice in a glass. Do not waste time. Fresh juice for a day, for office breaks, for your trip, for your baby’s preparation

?? BPA without food ?: A non-slip BPA mixer for not only adults, but also your baby can drink it clean and safe. The fruit juice blender is non-toxic and you can safely consume your delicious juice. The bottom design of this material is a sturdy and safe portable mixer with a non-slip base for ventilation. Travel Body Mixing Cup is transparent and corrosion resistant

?? Latest 4 Blades ?: Puree Portable Stainless Steel Blender, Four Leaf, Stereo, Best Portable Blender Stronger More Sensitive Sensors, 1 Minute Portable Juicer Can Witness the Silk Ceiling, Portable Blender USB 304, 360 ° No Dead Angle Cyclone Mini Portable Battery Blender 3D that will last a long time after loading, satisfying every taste of Licuadora juice

?? Easy to use and clean: Put the cleaned fruit in a portable glass bowl, pour water or milk, press the button and wait 20 seconds to replace and enjoy the lid. Portable stirrer, removable, easy to clean, easy to rinse, portable jet mixer washers, portable portable personal hull mixer with confidence, no spare parts, be careful not to wash the stomach below

100%?: For 36 months after the date of purchase of a portable personal mixer, we will handle quality issues related to the replacement or refund of a professional electric mixer. Please contact our support team at any time with a full large glass mixer. Love Smart Baby Quiet Portable Battery Mixer for Mobile Power Mixer

mall and USB-filled?”: This small pure mixer with a large battery capacity of 4000 mAh. This mixer can be charged by electric benches, computers, laptops, car chargers, and other USB devices with a micro USB interface. Easy to take out of the house so you can enjoy delicious food while camping, vacationing and even fitness.

?? ? Premium security system? : An updated security system provides more security. Portable mixers will not work if the bottom of the mixer is removed from the glass bottle. So it doesn’t hurt if the knife head is exposed. Let’s use safer.

? ? Safe to use and easy to clean ?: Pure mixed bottles made from borosilicate glass + environmentally friendly, PP & ABS non-toxic, BPA free. Easy to clean, add water and press the button, the home juicer and pedestal can be separated to facilitate cleaning.

?? “Strong improvement with a motor and 4 blades?”: The COLNER smoothie blender combines 200 watts of power at 15,000 rpm with 4 very sharp 304 stainless steel blades, and does the job for your food quickly and evenly. Blender puree can mix not only fruits and vegetables, but also ice cubes. This will be very useful and comfortable in summer. In just 20 seconds, you get a glass of ice juice. You can use it 18-20 times after charging for 3-5 hours.
?? ? 2019 DELETED BLENDER CAN BE CHANGED You can take it anywhere with a 380 ml better mashed potato. The removable bottom of the cup is easy to carry out so you can enjoy delicious food, camping, holidays and even the gym.


COLNER Portable Blender,Household Personal Smoothie Blender Mini Juicer Cup 380ML Fruit Juice Mixer with USB Rechargeable and 4 PCS Stainless Steel Blades for Home Outdoor (Pink)



11.KitchenAid KSB7068CA Pro Line Series Blender, 3.5 HP, Candy Apple Red

  Best Blender Smoothie Recipes Healthy



The best tool for a simple and healthy diet. The powerful 3.5-peak 3.5-peak HP motor and patented asymmetrical blades quickly mix solid material without clogging. Mix everything from fruit and vegetable smoothies to silk, smooth juices, peanut butter, dressings, and more.
Asymmetric stainless steel blades are mixed at four different angles to pull material into the mixing vortex for consistent results. This allows mixing of hefty ingredients such as whole fruits and vegetables.

Precision Power Gain provides infinite variable speeds from 1 to 11 for full control from low speed to high speed. The Pulse and Boost functions are also available to meet the specific requirements of your recipe.

Self-cleaning cycle for easy cleaning and comfort. Just fill 1/3 cup with a water mixer, add a drop of dish soap and choose a quick cleaning cycle for 33 seconds.

Unique flexible edges to fake large or very thick edges. The Flex Edge impulse pushes the material into the mixing vortex and erodes the sides of the glass to make it evenly mixed. And when it’s finished, it’s good to extract more glass contents so that less waste is generated.

Sturdy metal pads, dials and switches are designed for stability and long life. High quality design that is durable and easy to clean. When used, a metal base provides extra stability for the stove.

12. Safe for BPA 90-ounce dishwashers  to further optimize blender  


 Best Blender Smoothie Recipes Healthy



Aicook Blender ,Smoothie Blender 3 in 1,Countertop Blender with 6 Blades, 8.5oz Coffee Grinder, and 8.5oz Food Chopper,Stainless Steel Base, Total Crushing Technology for Smoothies, Ice and Frozen Fruit


: Aicook Blender has a 51.5 ounce glass, 8.5 ounce mini factory, and a mini chopper. You can prepare a variety of dishes as needed, including smoothies, meat sauces, ground coffee, and frozen drinks.
Sharp blades: To meet different requirements, the Aicook mixer offers three types of titanium-coated blades. 6 mixing blades, 4 cutting blades, and 2 grinding blades. Thanks to the sharp blades, our mixer can cut or grind more efficiently.
2-speed and impulse function: 2-speed turbo engine lasts for more than 20 years: riots, milkshakes, baby food and more. PULSE helps dispose of food left on the knife. Also, cut large ingredients quickly into small pieces.
Safety design: All glasses are made of glass and parts that are dismantled are safely used in the dishwasher. Equipped with a security key, we guarantee you and your family a safe cooking time.
Multiple Guarantees: We provide a 2-year warranty and 24-hour customer service, and our products are BPA-free. If you have a problem with our product, you can always contact us. 



13. KONKA Portable Blender,Household Blender Juicer With USB Rechargeable 




 Best Blender Smoothie Recipes Healthy




Food Safety Material]: The top and bottom glass lid is made of PP foodstuff without Bisphenol A. The glass body is made of borosilicate glass which is safe, hygienic, and easy to clean.

[Safe Design]: Equipped with a safety device, start the mixer with double click, easy and convenient. Don’t worry about leaks with silicone gaskets. The charging port cover is also waterproof.

[Various Functions]: Smoothies, milkshakes, juice, and baby food can be made with a blender. After the juice is ready, you can take the glass directly from the machine, close it and it will become your portable travel bottle.
[Built-in high capacity battery]: 2 * 2000mAh high capacity battery. The mixer can work at full load about 20 times. Can be easily charged through a power bank, laptop, car or other USB device.

[Beautiful and portable]: The texture is graceful and smooth, this mixer is small and easy to carry. You can put it in a bag and carry it. The lightweight design is ideal for outdoor, traveling, shopping, and taking home.

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