The difference between sand ice machine and mixer

The difference between sand ice machine and mixer

The difference between sand ice machine and mixer



The difference between the sand ice machine and the mixer The sand ice machine and the mixer are common machines in the snack market. So, do you know the difference between them? Let me introduce you here. Is the sand ice machine the same as the mixer? Unlike the mixer, the mixer is to stir the things evenly, not to make the smoothies. To make the smoothies, use the sand ice machine. The smoothie machine is also a blender. The smoothie machine itself can crush ice, stir, and most importantly, smoothie. The sand ice that is eaten outside is made with a smoothie machine. If you don’t understand it, it is simply a soymilk machine. Ice machine is specially made for making smoothies, cocktails, chilled cappuccino, sorbet, milkshake, yogurt, sprite strawberry ice, rich banana milkshake, coconut pineapple ice, orange honey papaya smoothie, fresh fruit Small appliances such as smoothies provided by ice drinks such as sand ice. A blender is a machine in which a shaft with a blade rotates in a cylinder or a tank to mix and mix a plurality of materials to make a mixture or a suitable consistency. Sand ice machine purchase method: 1, depends on whether the product identification includes the company name, address, specifications, model, trademark, voltage parameters, power parameters, power supply symbols, etc.; if it is a plug, it should be on the appliance There is a “back” symbol.

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2. When purchasing,


you can try it out and choose a smoothie machine with a smoother sound and less vibration during operation.


3, electric products such as sand ice machine,



generally have a safety interlock switch, only when the product of the barrel container is completely correctly installed, the product can operate normally. 4, the best choice of brand products. Choosing a smoothie machine is also very important. A popular brand is more reliable than any promotion. Before you understand the details of a product, it is best to recognize its brand and understand whether it has a perfect service. Sand ice machine purchase considerations: First, in order to achieve a better ice effect, you can put it in, but try not to touch the knife set to avoid collision damage. Second, to ensure safety, it is not allowed to directly press the ice block for cutting. What are the differences between the sand ice machine and the mixer? Thanks to the above introduction, I believe everyone has already understood. Buy sand ice machine, look for Henan Longheng, welcome to inquire.

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