Top 6 milkshake effective For high calorie and low nutrition

Top 6 milkshake effective For high calorie and low nutrition

Top 6 milkshake effective For high calorie and low nutrition



high calorie and low nutrition milkshake


Abstract: When you mention a milkshake, everyone must think of the color and sweet taste of the milkshake. Especially on a hot summer day, come on a milkshake with ice cubes. It’s sour and sour, it’s so drunk! Many netizens want to use a milkshake to replace a meal to lose weight. Is this method desirable? Some experts have shown that a milkshake contains 2,000 calories, which is equivalent to the calories contained in 25 pieces of bacon fat. The milkshake itself has a high calorie, and weight loss can be said to have little effect! Here’s a detailed description of the milkshake information Let’s take a look!

1. Strawberry Milkshake


Nowadays, many people have great misunderstandings about dairy products. They always think that there is a “milk” in the middle of the name, which is a dairy product. In fact, dairy products include fresh milk (ie, sterilized milk), milk powder (full-fat milk powder, skimmed milk powder, infant formula), condensed milk (refined condensed milk, sweetened condensed milk) and yogurt. Their nutritional value and flavor have a lot to do with processing methods. Dairy products are healthy, but friends, don’t have a kind of consciousness – you can think of health when you see the word “milk”, and the food that sees “milk” is made of fresh milk.


1. Strawberry milkshake

At the same time, people who see the word “fruit” think that there should be fresh fruit. Therefore, most people think that the fragrant strawberry milkshake is delicious and nutritious, and is highly sought after. But a message from the British “Guardian” pointed out that the so-called “strawberry milkshake” was formulated with 59 kinds of chemical materials, which contained neither strawberries nor fresh milk.

Experts point out that processed foods need to add a lot of food additives. Like the UK, strawberry milkshakes sold in China also have so many additives. Therefore, don’t always eat a milkshake or a kind of “dairy product”. You can’t really guarantee its ingredients and quality outside.

Second, how high is the milkshake heat?


Some experts have shown that a milkshake contains 2,000 calories, which is equivalent to the calories contained in 25 pieces of bacon fat. Health experts generally believe that for the average person, maintaining a 20g fat intake per day is in line with health standards, but a milkshake sold in a fast food restaurant is three times the calorie intake.

Third, is the milkshake weight loss effective?

Who said that the milkshake must be a sweet and greasy representative, we can make a healthy milkshake, not only the skin, insist on drinking, you will find that your skin becomes very white and clear, feels smoother, and the detoxification effect is very Baton. Drink the next day, you will feel very comfortable and very light.


How to drink:

Squeeze in the morning and drink half a cup. Because it is a milkshake, the feeling of fullness is really good. The rest of the half cup is finished in the morning. If you feel hungry, drink two. Eat as usual at noon. Have another drink at two or three in the afternoon. Eat lighter and less oil at night. Because you drink milkshake in the afternoon, it will not be too late at night. Hungry, effectively suppresses appetite, and is especially fast.

2. Carrot Milkshake 


A seemingly strange combination that is delicious and unexpected.

1. Carrots are steamed in a steamer to ensure ripeness;

2, low-fat milk according to personal preference for heating or room temperature, the amount of milk and carrots are about the same amount;

3. Put the ripe carrots and milk into the blender and stir, and some carrots are better.

3.Avocado milkshake 



Avocado pulp has good affinity with human skin, is easily absorbed by the skin, has strong absorption to ultraviolet light, and is rich in vitamin E and carotene, so it has good skin care, sunscreen and health care effects. . Avocado has a high fiber content because soluble fiber removes excess cholesterol from the body, and insoluble fiber helps keep the digestive system functioning properly and prevents constipation.

1. Avocado, one to go nuclear, cut into small pieces.

2, skim milk 250Ml, stir the mixer evenly.

4. Pumpkin Milkshake 


Pumpkin is also a kind of food that can be used as a staple food. Although its taste is very sweet, its calorie is extremely low. It is less than 30 calories per 100g.

1. The night before, the pumpkin was cut into pieces and the milk was prepared.

2, pumpkin on the pot steamed for 10-15 minutes, with chopsticks can be stamped.

3. Put the steamed pumpkin into the juicer the next morning. Plus skim milk.


5. Watermelon Milkshake:


Summer is the season to eat watermelon. Watermelon is especially suitable for the current hot weather. It is refreshing.

1, watermelon diced.

2, put into the juicer, then pour milk into the juice.

6. Purple Potato Milkshake 


The full-bodied effect of purple potato is really not blowing. Drinking a half cup is not hungry in the morning.

1, purple potato peeled and cut into small pieces, steamed with chopsticks can be poked off the fire;

2, purple potato + skim milk can be used with a blender.

These 5 kinds of milkshakes are very simple, each requires 2 kinds of ingredients, and it takes a few minutes a day to do well. It reminds everyone to use low-fat milk to make a milkshake during the weight loss period. More meat

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