8 Reasons How to Buy Smoothie Blender In home – Maintain Tips

8 Reasons How to Buy Smoothie Blender In home - Maintain Tips

8 Reasons How to Buy Smoothie Blender In home – Maintain Tips


The smoothie machine, also called a blender, is a small electric appliance widely used to make smoothies such as smoothies, cocktails, milkshakes and the like. On this hot summer day, just having a good smoothie machine is enough to make a cool and delicious jam smoothie, which is a beautiful thing. Today, use and maintenance methods of the ice machine.

Construction of a smoothie machine

1. High speed motor to adjust the stirring speed;

2, fan cooling device to ensure that the machine can run normally in one day;

3. The overheat protection device is mainly set for the motor. If the motor is used too long, this device will disconnect the power supply and protect the motor from burning.

4, the circuit system can control the speed, which not only stabilizes the current, but also protects the motor;

5, overcurrent protector, if the current is unstable, this device protects the normal operation of the machine;

6, long-moving switch, speed switch, electric high-speed switch, provide different speed for different work;

7. Stir the cup to be responsible for the processing of raw materials.

The technical aspects of the smoothie machine are very professional, mainly reflected in the three aspects of motor technology, transmission system and structural design. The performance of the product is stable, especially in the face of the hot sales situation of the tea shop, the quality of the smoothie machine is especially important.

The structure, characteristics, purchase strategy, use and maintenance methods of the smoothie machine

Smoothie machine features

1. Quickly make ice, and you can make delicious sand ice in one minute.

2, large-capacity high-strength tempered glass, never wear.

3, the blade is made of alloy steel, double-layer structure, sharp, hard, never deformed.

4. Sealant made of high wear-resisting and high-elastic material to ensure no leakage.

5, installation, disassembly, cleaning are easy, widely used in juice shops and coffee shops.

Ice cream machine purchase strategy

1. It depends on whether the product identification includes the company name, address, specification, model, trademark, voltage parameter, power parameter, power supply symbol, etc.; if it is a two-plug, there should be a “back” symbol on the appliance.

2. Choose a smoothie machine that has a smoother sound and less vibration during operation.

3, generally choose to have a safety interlock switch, only when the product’s barrel container is completely installed, the product can operate normally.

4, look at the price and application areas

As a mechanical smoothie machine, the price is also different, the high-grade smoothie machine, the price even reaches more than 2,000 yuan, 200 yuan for ordinary households can also be bought, the key to this choice depends on the needs of customers, high-end The smoothie machine, the price is also expensive, there are reasons for its price.

In general, when using a high-grade smoothie machine, as long as the material is fully loaded and started directly, the machine will automatically adjust the processing until it is completed.

The mid-range smoothie machine is also very powerful, but relatively high-end, there is a lack of meticulous processing, and some lack of functionality. If the application in the tea shop is still competent, it is recommended to choose a high-grade smoothie machine, which not only improves the processing precision, but also makes the finished taste more flavorful, and also saves operating time, which is good for business operations.

For ordinary smoothie machines, although it is certainly no problem to make smoothies, the processing precision and fineness of the finished products of the smoothies are not high-grade and medium-grade, and the processing precision is high and detailed. However, this kind of machine is completely useless at home because it does not need to be used in a high-strength tea shop like high-end.

The structure, characteristics, purchase strategy, use and maintenance methods of the smoothie machine


Use of the smoothie machine


1. For the energy supply of the power supply, it is better to ensure that the power supply is stable if the working conditions of the smoothie machine are normal.

2. When using the smoothie machine, do not add too hot water or raw materials. The overheated raw materials and water will quickly increase the internal temperature of the knife set and accelerate the wear of the waterproof rubber ring.

3, the smoothie machine should be used according to the size of the container, the raw material is added, usually we should not add too much raw materials, which not only causes the running load of the smoothie machine, but also is not conducive to the operation of the smoothie machine normal

4, the sand ice machine has a large horsepower, which is a high-speed transfer machine. In order to avoid the wear and tear of the mushroom head and the bearing improper operation, the cup needs to be completely connected to the base, and can be turned down and left and left to feel the cup stuck. Feel that full contact is guaranteed to start running.

5, when polishing the shutdown, do not immediately pull the cup out of the base, wait for the machine to stop stationary and then take the cup, otherwise the mushroom head can easily be loosened or deformed.

6. Polished smoothies should be poured into other containers immediately. Do not leave them in the cup. Soaking for a long time will make the knife set age faster.

7. Clean the cup immediately after polishing and clean the residue in the cup. Only clean the inside of the cup during cleaning. Do not wet the gear part of the bottom knife set. After cleaning, turn the cup upside down to dry.

8. When the ice machine is not in use, the power should be turned off, which is more conducive to the loss of the use of the smoothie machine on the insurance line.

Smoothie maintenance

1, clean

First fill half of the water in the smoothie machine and add about a spoonful of baking soda. Then start to start stirring, stir evenly, then brush well, rinse it and it will be OK!

In addition, the motor is the most important place for the whole ice machine, and it is also a place where the motor circuit is more complicated. Therefore, when cleaning, avoid immersing the motor in water.

2, to ensure that the use of the method must be correct.

3, the control of the hardness of the ice, if the ice is too hard, it is not good for the maintenance of the blade, so that not only the processed smoothie can not achieve the taste effect, but also easy to shorten the life of the machine, if this is the case for a long time, even Burned the circuit.

4, try not to use or use less jog switch, because every time the jog, the current is output with the maximum power, the instantaneous high speed is also easy to lose the blade, only the speed of ice is increased from slow to large, That is the most suitable for the life of the blade and the motor, which is very beneficial to extend the service life.

The above is the structure, characteristics, purchase strategy, use and maintenance methods of the smoothie machine shared by Yinji.com. I believe that everyone has no problem with the operation of the sand ice machine. Almost every family has a smoothie machine at home. While enjoying the smoothing machine to bring more convenience to life, it also needs to carry out necessary maintenance on the smoothie machine. This will extend the life of the machine while ensuring the quality of the sand ice.

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