5 Ways How to Maintenance Smoothie Blender In home – Cleaning Tips

5 Ways How to Maintenance Smoothie Blender In home – Cleaning Tips




The juicer is a commonly used machine in daily life. Sometimes, if you don’t want to eat fruit, you can use a juicer to squeeze a glass of juice, which is both healthy and convenient. The smoothie is a kind of cool drink in summer. So can the juicer make smoothies? How does the juicer make sand ice nutritious? Below I will give you a brief introduction to the method of making sand ice from the juicer.


1. Can the juicer make smoothies?



The juicer with a blending function can break small pieces of ice. First, the juicer refers to simply juice. The filter is separated by a screen to prevent the slag from separating. This type of machine cannot be iced. The second is to use the blade to break the fruit and water into pieces without residue. This can be iced. But it is best to break the ice with a ice machine. The ice cubes are made into thin pieces and then put into a smoothie machine or a blender to add various raw materials. However, in recent years, with the improvement of the machine, large pieces of ice can be directly sanded.

Second, how to make a smoothie juicer


Shabing mainly chooses some ice cubes to break, then add your favorite fruits to help with the seasoning, and the blending of jams can be alleviated. It is recommended to add some fresh and nutritious fruits to the sand ice. Including apples, bananas, Sydney, watermelons, etc. These fruits can help to replenish a large amount of vitamins in the body. The smoothies are recommended to be eaten in the summer, which can help clear the heat, but the smoothie is recommended. Eat more, it will cause diarrhea.



Third, the juicer maintenance after the smoothie juice



1. After the juice is squeezed, disconnect the juicer from the power supply and separate the cup and the main unit. First clean the machine, do not let the coagulation and other debris in the machine condense, which will bring some trouble to the next cleaning.

2, the condition can be removed, but the frequency should not be too frequent, the head is easy to wrap the fiber or residue of fruit and other foods, the residue should be removed in the direction of winding, and then rinsed with water.

3, the home has a small brush or toothbrush do not discard, they have a special effect when cleaning small places, so the cleaning effect is better.

4. If the cutter head is used for ground meat, the remaining steamed bread is smashed into steamed slag and placed in a blender for stirring. This can effectively absorb the minced meat and the like, and is clean and clean.

5, the appearance of the cleaning is relatively simple, wipe with a rag, remember not to wash with water, or scrape with a hard object, so as not to cause surface damage, the base can not be immersed in water, so as to avoid the insulation of the motor is destroyed.


Fourth, juicer cleaning tips



1. It is most common to use a juicer to twist fruit, and after the fruit is finished, cleaning is not easy.

2. At this time, we can slowly pull out the fiber strips on the juicer cutter head in the direction of the juicer. Do not use too much force.

3, then clean, other parts can be brushed with a wire juicer ball, but not too hard.

The above is the method that the juicer can make the smoothie. The juicer can make smoothies. There are many ways to make the smoothies. When making smoothies with fresh fruits, make sure the fruits must be cleaned, otherwise they will eat bad. The stomach, causing diarrhea, the smoothie is too cold or not to eat too much, it will be bad for the stomach, I hope the above can help everyone.

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