9 Steps How to make a smoothie without a mixer

9 Steps How to make a smoothie without a mixer

9 Steps How to make a smoothie without a mixer

what Ingredients Need For Make Smoothie  

Mango amount
Sweet taste
Other processes
Ten minutes of time
Simple difficulty

Mango cola sand ice practice steps

1.Prepare the mango. The sweeter the mango, the better. Even if you eat it, you feel that the fiber is a bit more, and the harder one makes you feel less satisfied.

2. Prepare an ordinary bowl. I have tried it before. It seems that the porcelain bowl is easier to ice, but the surface is more likely to bear frost. It is a bit troublesome, so I use this ordinary bowl.

3.Cut the mango into small pieces. This is still a bit bigger in my photo, the smaller the better. Some corners and corners can also be brought together in a bowl. Generally speaking, a large bowl with a normal mango is almost the same, but you can decide according to your preferences.

4.Pour the cola into the bowl. Basically, there is no more than a mango. The choice of beverages here is actually very casual. You can have sprite or juice at home. You can test it yourself. The carbonated drink removes the taste of the mango and extracts a certain sweetness. Wait a little while after putting the cola into the bubble

5. Place the bowl in the freezer of the refrigerator until it is completely frozen. The harder the better, for a few hours. After confirming that the ice is hard, take it out

6. How do you turn it into shaved ice? it’s actually really easy. Use a large spoon, it must be, it can be flat or round, and start to scrape on the ice. Until the whole bowl is scraped into crushed ice. Don’t feel that it is very troublesome to scrape. In fact, the spoon is big, and it will soon be good, and who will let the cockroach have no mixer. It is best to use the chopsticks to fix the ice, so that you can pay more attention! After scraping and then returning to the ice for ten minutes, the water produced by the scraping process can be disposed of, and the taste of the second ice is better.

7. have prepared more mangoes for the half-embellishment. The mangoes used for the embellishment should be drawn with vertical lines, so that the shape of the mango can be better. The mango used for embellishment can be placed in the cold room in the early stage, and it can be taken out after shaved ice.

8. A bowl can be scraped out soon. A large bowl can basically make three small bowls of sand ice. The harder the ice, the smaller the mango at the beginning, and there will be no mango granules when it is scraped. Add the embellished mango. Very good~

9. If you have condensed milk you can add a little, the taste will be better ~!


Scraping is the best way to make sand ice without a blender. It is faster than the cockroach and the taste will be more.

In addition, it is better to taste the ice after stirring for a while and then stir it. And can solve the melting problem that occurs during the scraping process.

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