6 Easy Steps How to Make Grape Smoothie Ice Drink

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6 Easy Steps How to Make Grape Smoothie Ice Drink


Introductions Of How to Make Grape Smoothie Ice Drink Step by step


The grape smoothie ice drink tutorial is very simple. Eating more grapes has great benefits for the body, such as alleviating hypoglycemia, how to make grape smoothie .especially for middle-aged and elderly people. It is also very suitable for people to eat, and cough for children who sometimes cough or have bronchitis can play a certain role. The role, so today to share a tutorial on a grape smoothie.

Grape Smoothie Ice Drink Tutorial

What Ingredients Need For Make Grape Smoothie Ice Drink


Grape right amount


Method / step


1 .First we prepare a very, very common juicer cup to put it on the table. Prepare the purple-black grapes that belong to that kind of sweet and sour taste.


how to make grape smoothie

2 . Rinse it clean. There will always be some hoarfrost on the surface of the grapes. You can use salt or flour. Then rinse with water. This time, the grape smoothie is not peeled because the surface of the grape skin is rich in some nutrients. Add the grapes to a fried two, four, seven or so, and add the right amount of water.

3 . The water is the boiled water that needs to be boiled at room temperature. Press the button to start juice extraction, prepare a very common cup, and put the fried grape juice into the cup for spare.

4. Put the right amount of ice into the juice cup and then put the grape juice that we just poured into the cup into the juice cup and add a little honey.

5 . Click the button. Squeezed, the grape smoothie is poured into a water-free, very delicate cup.

6 . A cup of sour and sweet grape smoothies is made, and the top can be decorated with some mint leaves to make this drink very delicious.

Grape Smoothie Ice Drink Tutorial




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