12 Steps How To Make Red Bean Smoothie Step By Step

12 Steps How To Make Red Bean Smoothie Step By Step

12 Steps How To Make Red bean Smoothie Step By Step

Introductions Of How to Make Red bean Smoothie Step by step

 Red bean smoothie is a standing cold drink for summer heat. How To Make Red bean Smoothie Red bean has high nutritional value, and the ice is cool and pleasant. In the hot summer, you can make some cold and cool red bean smoothies. It can be said that it is both delicious and nutritious. How to make red bean smoothies?

Red bean smoothie practice


What Ingredients Need For Make Red Bean Smoothie ?


Red Adzuki Bean 500g
White sugar is appropriate.


Method / step

How To Make Red bean Smoothie

1 . Put the red cardamom that you bought back into the pot and put it in the basin.

2 .Add water to the pot of red bean and soak for 8 hours.

3 . Wait for the red bean to soar, pour out the excess water and leave the red bean.

4 . Pour the soaked red beans into the pot and add water. The amount of water added here is sufficient. It is almost 2000 ml, and the small fire is slowly cooked.

5 . This will cook for about an hour, and the red beans will be boiled.

6 . When the water in the pot is dried, the red beans are softer, and the pot is filled into the pot, so the red bean paste is ready.

7 . Put the red bean in a small bowl and crush the red bean with a spoon. Stir in the appropriate amount of sugar.

8 . Take a box of unused eggs and clean them. Put sugar in each small shell.

9 .Add cold boiled water, mix well with chopsticks, cover, and freeze in the freezer for 24 hours.

10 . Time is up, take out the ice and put it in the bowl, look, it’s not bad!

11 . Then chop the ice cubes with a knife, and cut it quickly. The weather is too hot today, and the movement is slow.

12 .Then, cut the chopped ice into the red bean bowl and enjoy it. If you have spared it, add some cold water.


Red bean smoothie practice



Red beans should not be cooked for too long, so you can cook them.How To Make Red bean Smoothie

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