6 Steps How to Quickly make juice smoothie

6 Steps How to Quickly make juice smoothie

6 Steps How to Quickly make juice smoothie

Step by step

Quickly make juice smoothies with the principle of ice + salt refrigeration



100% juice one bottle 300ML
Ice cube
Sealed bag 2


Method / step


1 .Pour the juice into the sealed bag, remove the air, seal

2 .Put the bag of sealed juice into another sealed bag while pouring ice cubes and salt

3 . Exhaust the air, seal it, wrap it in a towel blanket

4 . Wait 20 minutes, open

5 . OK, complete

6 . This is the principle of cooling using ice and salt. When salt is added to the ice, it will gradually dissolve in the ice, so that the single water before the ice becomes a salt solution. Under the same conditions, the salt solution is simpler than the salt. The freezing point of water is much lower. Although the ice cubes are turned into water, the temperature is still very low. The juice is soaked in salt ice water and will freeze quickly.



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