Top 5 mistakes easy to ignore for make smoothies

Top 5 mistakes easy to ignore for make smoothies

Top 5 mistakes easy to ignore for make smoothies



It’s easy to make smoothies. Just put the ice cubes and milk of your favorite fruit into the blender. Wait, it doesn’t look like this… The wrong way may be to lose the texture or nutrition of the smoothie. Today, let PureWow take you out to eliminate the 5 mistakes you can make to make a smoothie!

1. Wrong buying cheap goods



The smoothie is not magic, of course, what do you put in and what to play! Therefore, if you want to get delicious and healthy high-quality smoothies, you must be willing to pay for some good ingredients!

2. Add too much ice


Adding too much ice will affect the taste and taste of the smoothie! Don’t make the smoothies and waters because of greed. If it is too hot, you may wish to freeze the fruit in advance so that it will not only be cooler, it will not affect the taste!



3. No fruit rich fruit


To make a smoothie is not to make juice, you need to make the smoothie more sticky and silky. So, add some peach, apricot, mango and blueberry fruit that is rich in flesh and taste better.

4. Use immature fruit


Since you usually don’t eat green bananas, why should you add them to the smoothies? Mature fruit is very good in terms of mouth taste. Sometimes, there are even a few bruises.


5. Put too many types of fruit


In fact, there is no need to say more about the principle of “less is more”. It is almost the same to add three or four kinds of fruits. Adding too many kinds of fruits will only make the smoothies extremely chaotic. Moderation, juvenile

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